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British Sign Language (BSL)

This section of the website offers British Sign Language (BSL) videos detailing our most popular council services. If you need additional information or if you are unsure which service you need to contact, please get in touch with our customer service team.

The customer service team is the first point of contact for any enquiry relating to council services and can be contacted by all Enfield residents.

A British Sign Language interpreter (from Newham Language Shop) is available on the first Friday of every month, between 9am and 3pm at:

Enfield Town Library
66 Church Street

The British Sign Language interpreter can contact Enfield Council staff on your behalf to help with any enquires you may have. Although we will try to provide the same interpreter, this is not always possible.

If you cannot wait until the interpreter is available you can ask for an interpreter to be booked. You can do this by using our web chat or text relay number, or come into Enfield Town Library and they will book an interpreter for you.

We welcome Text Relay calls on 18001 020 8379 1000.

The telephone line and web chat are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and an out-of-hours, emergency only service operates at all other times including bank holidays.

The Enfield Council adult social care service provides support, information and advice for people over the age of 18 with health and social care needs. This includes equipment for daily living and adaptations to homes.

We aim to help people over the age of 18 stay healthy, independent and safe, both at home and in the community. We offer assistance to help protect people in need and prevent the risk of abuse, harm or neglect.

We provide a confidential information and assessment service for residents of Enfield (including carers) to ensure that those who need care and support get the right type of help. Priority is given to those who live alone or are unable to manage without assistance.

Other types of support provided includes, home support, rehabilitation after illness and ongoing assistance for those with long-term needs.

Our sensory impairment team offer assessments, information and advice to those with sensory impairments, for example, sight or hearing loss.

Adult social care services are provided to those over the age of 18, who are in need or at risk. This includes needs arising from illness, disability, old age or poverty.

You may need to pay for some of the services you receive. This depends on individual circumstances and will be worked out by a financial assessment.

Even if you are not eligible to receive financial help, you can still contact the adult social care team for information, advice and guidance.

You can contact the adult social care team directly by emailing adultsocialcare@enfield.gov.uk.

We welcome calls on 020 8379 1001.

We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

An out-of-hours, emergency only service operates at all other times including bank holidays.

There are organisations that can provide you with advice and support, including:


Informed Families can help you to search for childminders, pre-schools and playgroups near to where you live.

You may be entitled to free childcare of up to 570 hours of funded education per year for your child if your child receives the Disability Living Allowance or they have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or an Education, Health and Care Plan. You can apply for this through the Informed Families Terrific Twos.


Some specialist schools provide training for parents in British Sign Language at no cost, speak to your child’s school to find out if this is available.

Enfield children and young people who have a hearing impairment are supported through the Sensory Support Service (PDF). They provide information, advice and support regarding educational management and all aspects of hearing impairment. This could include language and communication, listening equipment and social and emotional wellbeing.

They work closely with babies, children, young people, families, carers, staff in educational settings, and key professionals in the NHS and social care. The support offered ranges from weekly to occasional visits throughout the year and visits to pre-school children and their families or carers at home, their local children’s centre or another place of their choice.

All primary, special and secondary schools in Enfield have an allocated advisory teacher who will meet regularly with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) to discuss the requirements of hearing impaired children that have been identified as having a special educational need. Parents can access support by contacting the Hearing Impairment team directly, or by asking the SENCo in their child’s setting to contact them.

The National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) is used to decide on initial support levels for each individual family. The level of support is reviewed and adjusted regularly in consultation with the advisory teacher, families, carers and other professionals.

Joint Service for Disabled Children

Enfield’s Joint Service for Disabled Children is an important partnership. It brings together health, education and social care, parents, voluntary groups and other organisations, to create and promote opportunities for disabled children and their families.

We aim to make sure that families have the support they need to 'live ordinary family lives as a matter of course'. For more information on any of these services visit our Enfield's Local Offer for SEND.

Enfield Council offers Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support to help people who are struggling to pay their rent or Council Tax.

The benefits service offers financial support to those on a low income.

The service is for all Enfield residents on a low income that are liable for rent and or Council Tax.

Council Tax is payable on both owned and rented domestic properties. It is a local tax, set by individual councils to help pay for the services they provide, such as rubbish collections, libraries and the upkeep of parks, open spaces and galleries.

If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to Council Tax Support. Council Tax Support is a means-tested welfare benefit to help with Council Tax for people on a low income. The amount you could receive is based on your income, savings, and personal circumstances.

A full Council Tax bill assumes there are at least two adults living in a household. Some adults qualify to be disregarded for Council Tax purposes as such, you may be entitled to a Council Tax discount. Additionally, not all properties incur Council Tax charges if certain circumstances apply and may be exempt.

You may be entitled to a Council Tax reduction if you have adapted your home for a disabled adult or child. If you receive this reduction, your Council Tax bill will be reduced by one band.

If you are the only adult in the property, you will be entitled to a 25 per cent discount.

If Council Tax is not paid you may face possible costs if recovery action is taken for non-payment.

You can find out online if you are eligible for a discount, disregard or exemption on your Council Tax by registering for an Enfield Connected account. Make sure that you provide your Council Tax reference number when you do so.

You can make payments through your Enfield Connected account, or send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Enfield Council) to:

Director of Finance Resources and Customer Services
PO Box 63
Civic Centre
Silver Street

If you need to drop in documents, you can do this at the following council offices:

John Wilkes House
79 High Street
Ponders End
(9am to 4pm)

Civic Centre
Silver Street
(9am to 4pm)

Edmonton Centre
1st Floor
36-44 South Mall
N9 0TN
(10am to 3pm)

You can contact us about Council Tax and benefits through our customer service team.

Our minicom number is 020 8379 4419.

We welcome Text Relay calls on 18001 020 8379 1000.

You can also email revs@enfield.gov.uk.

We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

An out-of-hours, emergency only service operates at all other times including bank holidays.

The London Borough of Enfield is split into 21 areas, called wards. Each ward is represented by three councillors, giving Enfield a total of 63 ward councillors. These councillors, elected to represent all residents, govern the way that the council operates, including agreeing key policies and setting Council Tax rates. The council has a team of officers that support councillors in their role and manage the election processes.

Every four years:

  • 63 councillors are elected into the 21 wards of the London Borough of Enfield.
  • The London Mayor is elected.
  • 25 members of the Greater London Assembly are elected, 14 of which represent local constituency areas (Enfield and Haringey) and 11 are elected on a London-wide basis.

Every five years:

  • Three Members of Parliament are elected to represent the constituencies of Edmonton, Enfield North and Enfield Southgate at UK Parliament.
  • Eight members of the European Parliament are elected to represent the London electoral region.

Enfield Council can provide information on how the council works, who your councillors are, how and what decisions are made, voting, elections, committees and how you can get involved.

This service is for all Enfield residents.

You can contact democratic services through our customer service team or by emailing democracy@enfield.gov.uk.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

The Early Years Service offers information, advice and assistance to families with children from 0 to 5 years across Enfield - this is up to 25 for families with children who have a disability or additional need. The Early Years Service works in partnership with registered childcare providers, children’s centres and various support services to ensure parents are empowered to utilise the services they need for their child.

The Early Years team provide information on free early education schemes, such as Terrific Twos and the Free Entitlement, as well as assistance to find and choose childcare.

We can help you to locate and access children’s centres, which provide activities for children from 0 to 5 years including children with disabilities and additional needs.

For more information, visit Informed Families. You can also contact our minicom number on 020 8379 4419 or our text relay service on 18001 0800 694 1066.

We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The environmental health team is responsible for pollution control and environmental protection within the borough.

This service is for all Enfield residents and you can contact the service regarding pollution issues, including noise nuisance, special treatments licensing, alcohol licensing, air quality, contaminated land and asbestos. We also deal with certain animal related issues including pet shop and animal boarding licensing, stray dogs, and dog fouling.

You can report a problem online, send an email to enviro.crime@enfield.gov.uk or contact our customer services team.

See the British Sign Language introduction page for our contact details.

The environmental protection service deals with issues that impact upon the environment.

This service is available to all Enfield residents and deals with issues with dog fouling, street obstructions, filthy or verminous premises, untidy gardens, drainage issues, noise, light nuisance, spitting offences, illegal advertising, illegal street trading and unlicensed, unlit and unmarked builder’s skips. We also investigate Blue Badge misuse.

We investigate complaints of disrepair and overcrowding in private rented accommodation and are responsible for licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

We also deal with abandoned, nuisance or untaxed vehicles, including those being sold or repaired in the street.

You can report a problem online or contact our customer services team.

You can email housingenforcement@enfield.gov.uk about housing matters.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

We provide information and advice on housing matters.

You can get advice if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness and need help to stay in your current home or find somewhere else to live. Complete our online housing form to find out if you can receive or are eligible to receive housing assistance and what type of assistance you can receive.

We provide information for landlords on good practice in letting and managing homes and advice on eligibility for home improvement grants for independent living.

The day-to-day management of Enfield's council housing is also provided by us. For any issues you have about your tenancy, maintenance or repair of council property or council leasehold property you can email council.housing@enfield.gov.uk .

You can contact us about housing issues through our customer services team.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

The Enfield recruitment service provides details of current vacancies within Enfield Council, local schools, childcare and play-work vacancies, plus volunteering, casual work and apprenticeship opportunities.

You can search and apply for job vacancies, volunteer positions and apprenticeships throughout Enfield.

We offer a guaranteed interview to all applicants with a disability (as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act), if they meet all the essential criteria for the job. You should fill in the section that asks if you have a disability. If you are shortlisted for an interview, you will be asked if you need any special aids, adaptations or conditions for your interview. 

You can contact recruitment through our customer service team.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Through Enfield Council’s libraries you can access and borrow thousands of items, such as books and DVDs. Some DVDs will have the option to view with subtitles. However, as this cannot be guaranteed, individual DVDs should be checked for subtitles before borrowing.

We also work in partnership and can request items from other libraries throughout London. We also offer housebound visits to borrowers who need and request this service.

We have free WiFi and an hour of free computer usage at most of our libraries.

We offer a 24-hour virtual library where members can access free online resources.  You can download eBooks, read newspapers and magazines, research, study or learn new skills.

There is no cost to become a library member, simply bring ID to join at a branch (or join online).

There may be some charges for overdue items or reservations, but concessions apply. Please ask in a library for more details.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Enfield Council’s parking services is for all Enfield residents and people visiting the borough and we are responsible for the provision of parking facilities in the borough including some car parks and on-street parking. Retail parks and Palace Exchange car park have their own parking enforcement.

Contact the Parking Services Team for information on Enfield’s car parks, street parking, disabled parking bays, blue badges, parking permits, penalty charge notices and illegal parking.

Enfield Council don’t clamp, but do remove vehicles if they are parked illegally in certain circumstances. There is a Trace line that is run by London Councils. They do not have a Minicom number, but you can make a text relay call on 18001 0845 206 8602. Or you can contact the police.

If you find your car has been clamped, it would not be the council who had clamped you.

There is a charge to park in most Enfield car parks which is clearly shown in our car parks. Please contact the Parking team for further information on current charges, days and times charging is enforced and free car parks.

We have a parking shop at Unit 1, Crown Road, Enfield EN1 1TH open 24 hours where any removed vehicle will be taken. You can contact us on 020 8443 0602.

You can also contact parking through our customer service team.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Enfield is one of London’s greenest boroughs, with over 120 open spaces to enjoy. This includes a rich environment of parks, gardens and open spaces to explore and discover.

There are lots of parks in Enfield with lots of things to do. Enjoy country walks, children’s play areas, and picnic areas.

You will also find a wide range of free sporting facilities which can be used without booking; these include tennis courts, outdoor gyms and multi-use games areas, where you can play basketball, football and cricket in the same area.

Football, rugby, cricket pitches, netball courts and a golf course are available to book in blocks or on a casual basis through Enfield Council.

You can visit Enfield parks free of charge, but there is a cost for pitch bookings. Email parksbusinessunit@enfield.gov.uk for current charges.

You can also contact the parks service through our customer service team.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

If you want to make changes to your home, such as building an extension or a garage, you may need to apply for planning permission.

Our planning service processes all planning applications. We can also provide information and assistance on your proposals to guide you through the planning process.

Our planning service is for all Enfield residents, planning applicants, developers and agents and we manage all planning applications, pre-application enquiries and appeals. Information on applying for planning permission and on how to obtain information on other applications submitted within the borough, is available on our website.

We are required by law to charge a fee for all planning applications, however there are some exemptions that apply and we cannot process applications until the correct fee has been received.

Enquiries on all development proposals may incur a charge for pre-application advice and details are available on our website.

Depending on your enquiry, you can contact Planning through our customer service team or direct by email.

For enquiries relating to the registration and vetting of planning applications including fee enquiries, incomplete submissions where residents have received letters and what needs to be submitted with a planning application, email  development.control@enfield.gov.uk.

For enquires about planning decisions, updates on progress of planning applications, advice on whether something needs or will get planning permission, email planning.decisions@enfield.gov.uk.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

The Enfield Council public health team wants everyone to benefit from improvements in health and wellbeing. Their aim is to make healthier choices easier for everyone, reduce health inequalities in Enfield and make sure appropriate measures are in place to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The team has helped to introduce the healthy schools programme, produced the healthy weight strategy, works on childhood obesity and works to reduce health inequalities between wards in the borough. It also works to improve sexual health, protect child health and works with the local NHS to ensure that the best services are provided for you. We have an online information portal called the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), where more information about health in the borough can be found. The borough’s health checks programme is also commissioned by Public Health.

You can contact Public Health through our customer service team.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Our Enfield registration team manages the registration of all life events, such as births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships. We can also help to arrange renewal of vows ceremonies and naming ceremonies. Other services offered include, the nationality and settlement checking service, certificate ordering and British citizenship ceremonies.

Most registrations, ceremonies and copy certificates are chargeable. Please contact Enfield registration service for current fees or look on our website.

You can book some of our services online, but some services require payment when you book. We take payment by credit or debit cards, and if you need help with making a payment, you can come to the Civic Centre when the British Sign Language interpreter is available on the first Friday of each month.

You can request copy certificates in person at the Register Office in Gentleman’s Row or by post. If you apply by post you may pay by cheque. In all other instances we only accept payment by debit or credit card.

If you wish to cancel a provisional or confirmed ceremony, you must provide three months’ notice. If you fail to do so, no refund can be given.

To book an appointment with a registrar, you can use the interpreter at the Civic Centre. An appointment will be booked for a future date, and an interpreter will be provided. Appointments take place at either the Enfield Register Office, 1 Gentleman’s Row, Enfield, EN2 6PS (use EN2 6QQ to find us) or the Civic Centre, Silver Street. You will be told which venue you need to attend at the time of booking.

You can contact the registration team through our customer services team or email register.office@enfield.gov.uk.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Enfield Council’s rubbish and recycling service is for all Enfield residents and manages the collection of both household and commercial rubbish and recycling.

Our service offers bulky waste collections, assisted collections (for people who are physically unable to move their bins), syringe disposal and general information on recycling and what goes in your bins.

You can access all our services online including reporting any problems or submitting requests.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

Enfield Council works with local authority maintained schools, academies and free schools in many different areas.

The school admissions service coordinates the admissions process for children starting schools or transferring to different schools. There are other teams where you can also get advice about admission appeals, the formal exclusion process, applying for free school meals and help if your child has special educational needs.

Information about all these areas is available on our website.

There is also information on individual school’s websites about their term dates and inset days.

See the British Sign Language introduction for our contact details.

The sensory impairment team at Enfield Council provide services to people who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hard of hearing or have dual sensory loss.

The sensory impairment team offer:

  • hearing impairment needs assessments - including needs assessments for deaf or blind people
  • registration
  • demonstration and issue of equipment
  • referral to other services and agencies if required
  • joint work with other organisations

We also run a weekly drop-in service on Wednesday mornings, at the at Home Centre in Edmonton, where there are staff who can sign. This provides:

  • access to a rehabilitation officer
  • equipment assessment
  • equipment checks
  • information and advice
  • signposting to other services as required

This service is for people who are deaf and use British Sign Language and for people who are hard of hearing.

All equipment is provided on loan, following an assessment of needs.

The Deaf or hard of hearing drop-in sessions are every Wednesday from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the Home Centre, 14 Centre Way, Claverings Estate, Edmonton, N9 0AH.

You can also contact the sensory impairment team through our adult social care team.

We welcome Text Relay calls on 18001 020 8379 1001.

You can also email adultsocialcare@enfield.gov.uk.

We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

An out-of-hours, emergency only service operates at all other times including bank holidays.

Our sports and leisure service has a five-year sport, physical activity and physical education strategy called Active and Creative which sets out our vision and identifies priority actions. These will be resourced and delivered by working together with public, private, community and voluntary sector organisations.

We offer diverse and exciting, sports and physical activities to Enfield residents of all ages, encouraging everyone to take part in daily physical activity.

We recently undertook a series of hearing impairment awareness training sessions for staff at leisure centres and will be continuing to offer ongoing awareness training to new staff. The centres also offer various taster sessions and activities with more of these planned in the future. All centres have hearing loops installed at receptions and services which are suitable.

Some events and activities may incur a fee.

Email sport@enfield.gov.uk or contact them on 020 8379 3762.