Help for planning applicants

The Council is committed to maximising the number and variety of jobs and apprenticeships available to residents of the borough. Major developments usually require the developer to ensure a proportion of local labour and businesses are included in the construction of developments.

A major development is defined as:

  • Consisting of 11 residential units or more, or
  • Proposals with a floorspace greater than 1,000 square metres.

For major developments, developers are usually required to:-

  • Ensure that 25% of people working on the construction of the development are local residents
  • One apprenticeship is created and filled by a local resident for every £1m of build cost
  • A minimum of 10% of the value of goods, services and supplies are procured from local businesses
  • Employ one resident with learning difficulties or disabilities as part of a Supported Internship 

Guidance on the Council’s requirements for Employment and Skills contributions can be found in the Supplementary Planning Document, Chapter 13.

For major developments, planning applicants or developers will usually be asked to produce, and agree with the Council, a Business, Employment & Skills Plan to deliver these targets before planning permission will be granted.

You can produce your own plan or you can use our Business, Employment & Skills Template to guide you through the process and access the resources and support available through Build Enfield. 

Support is available from the Build Enfield team to put you in touch with partners who can help you engage, train and employ local residents, creating apprenticeships, organising placements, to help draft your Employment & Skills Plan and engage the local supply chain.

After starting construction, you will be required to report evidence using our Reporting Template to the Council’s s106 Monitoring Officer on the progress of jobs and apprenticeships created and filled, in addition to 10% of spend with local businesses.  Evidence includes details of the relevant workers, the total number of workers, and details of the relevant apprentices, apprenticeship placements and apprenticeship courses.

For further guidance on the services Build Enfield can provide, including creating a Business, Employment & Skills Plan please contact