General Practice Nurse programme commences

The General Practice Nurse (GPN) programme for 2017/2018 commenced on 26th January. Ten nurses started their training at the University of Hertfordshire and will be hosted in ten local practices. The 2016/2017 cohort completed their training at the end of January 2017. Three of the GPNs have obtained employment in practices in Enfield.

Four local nurses based in Primary Care have commenced the Advanced Nurse Practitioner programme at the University of Hertfordshire. This will enable them, once trained, to undertake a range of procedures which would more normally be carried out by GPs.

Pre-registration student placements are now being offered at three practices in Enfield. As more nurses take advantage of the free mentorship training available at the University of Hertfordshire this should increase.

Enfield CEPN is a member of the NCL super training hub that coordinates some nurse education across the NCL area.​