Integrated Multi-disciplinary Learning Networks (IMLNs)

Enfield CEPN’s IMLNs are continuing to grow in popularity.

These are multi-professional learning sessions, open to all health and care professionals working within the borough. ILMNs offer an opportunity to discuss a variety of clinical and non-clinical topics, under the direction of the group.

Activities are taking place monthly across the borough and most recently have covered topics such as is breast feeding, diabetes and minor ailments. If you would like to attend the next session, please email

There is a general consensus that more integrated models of care are required to meet the needs of the population. However the NHS was not designed to support collaboration between organisations and we continue to work around an imperfect and fragmented model.

It is evident that effective communication is a critical success factor to integrated patient centred care delivery yet there is ineffective communication between organisations with many peers not fully conversant with each other’s roles in patient care.  This in turn leads to inefficiencies, duplication, misunderstandings and delays which contribute to an already overloaded system

To resolve the lack of inter-professional communication and promote innovation around new models of care, Enfield CEPN established Integrated Multi-disciplinary Locality Networks to stimulate collaborative workforce development.

Evaluation has shown that the impact of training and education is enhanced when different professional groups come together. Opportunities for health and social care professionals to reflect and learn as a mixed group are limited as most training and education is currently along professional lines.

IMLN is the Enfield way of providing opportunities for health and social care staff to meet and learn about what each other does, identify areas of common concern, address negative attitudes and perceptions and failures in trust as well as providing networking and educational opportunities.