Keeping Mothers Safe

The main objectives of this project were to raise the awareness of post-partum emergency and to improve the early recognition and management of postnatal complications and to improve the safety of new mothers who have given birth at any site of the Royal Free Hospital. A cross boundary multi-disciplinary simulated education course around postpartum emergency awareness and management was planned and piloted. The course contained both lecture-based and simulation training based modules.  A set of simulation scenarios and lectures was designed to cover each of the postnatal emergencies that are seen both in the community and hospital setting.

The course was attended by those involved with women post birth and included hospital and community midwives, trainee midwives, FY2 doctors – obstetrics and gynaecology specialty trainee doctors, community doctors (GP trainees). A course handbook was produced with summary notes for each topic that can be used in further education courses on this topic,

The feedback from all participants was excellent. All participants who attended the programme reported increased confidence in identifying, managing, and treating complications post-partum. In addition, trainers noticed improved team communication as knowledge and confidence increased. The ability to identify complications post birth in either a community or hospital setting will contribute to reducing the variation in outcomes across maternal and child health services.