Peer Support for GP’s and Practice Nurses

This recently established network offers activities, training, leadership, and peer support for newly qualified GPs and GPNs, as well as locum, OOH and urgent care GPs.

The programme of activities is led by the network, and the format of the sessions are defined by them. Any specific training requirements are defined by the group themselves, and provision is then commissioned and sourced by the CEPN.

In addition, it is proposed that mindfulness & clinical leadership skills provision will be broadened out to all salaried or partner GPs in Enfield. This will not only raise the profile of members of the peer support network, but should improve resilience across the broader GP community in Enfield.

The first meeting took place in October, and the next network meeting will be taking place on 7th December at 7pm. / For further details of the next network meeting, or to find out more about the mindfulness and clinical leadership activities, please email