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Let's Talk Southgate

Status: Closed Consultation
Closed on: 09 October 2020

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Let's Talk SouthgateShare your thoughts about Southgate Town Centre and how you think we can improve it.


Southgate is one of the five town centres in the borough and we want to ensure that the high street continues to support the needs and aspirations of the business and resident community.

Enfield Council launched the Let’s Talk Southgate project to hear your thoughts about the area and how we can improve the town centre.

Fir further details, please visit our Let's Talk Southgate webpage. 

Who could participate

All residents and businesses interested in Southgate Town Centre.

How the consultation was delivered

3 October 2020 (11am - 1pm) - Community pop-up at Southgate Tube Station.

6 October 2020 (11am - 1pm) - Southgate Town Centre tour with the Leader of the Council.

8 October 2020 (6.30pm - 7.30pm) - Online event with the Leader of the Council.

Further information

If you have any queries about this, please email towncentres@enfield.gov.uk