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Have your say on the 2021/22 Budget (phase 1)

Status : Current Consultation
Published on: 19 November 2020

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We would like to hear your views on our savings proposals in the 2021/22 Budget and for 2021/22 and any other views you may have about about the budgetary challenges we face. 


We are having to manage the Council’s financial position in exceptionally challenging and uncertain times.

Our funding is under considerable strain due to:

  • Increased costs as a result of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Decrease in income from taxes
  • No growth in government funding
  • Growing pressure for demand-led services
  • Continued impact on income

If the Covid-19 Pandemic had not happened, we would only be looking to make a further £1.715m of savings in 2021/22 in addition to the £10.065m already proposed. However, to deal with the significant difference between our income and expenditure, we need to make savings of £18.117m in 2021/22 – and we will need to make further savings in future years too, to cover the gap.

In October, we reviewed our financial forecasts and the Council’s Cabinet agreed to proposed savings of £10.065m.

We would like to hear your views on our approach, especially the savings we are proposing. 

Before sharing your views, we suggest you read our Budget summary, Budget facts and figures and the Savings proposals. The latter lists the actions we are proposing to take to address the budgetary issues we face.

Please note: the questionnaire refers to the contents of the ‘Savings proposals’ document. You may therefore want to have this open when completing the questionnaire.   

Due to the uncertainty relating to funding, we may have to make further savings for 2021/22. We will be better informed of these in early December 2020.  If it is required that we will have to make additional savings, we will look to further engage with local people. The details will be posted on the Council website.      

Who can participate

All local people, businesses and Third Sector organisations are welcome to share their views

How to tell us your views

Local people can complete our questionnaire.

Local businesses and Third Sector organisations can email their views to us at consultation@enfield.gov.uk

Closing date

20 January 2021 (5pm)

Further information

If you have any queries or require assistance in participating in this consultation, please email consultation@enfield.gov.uk