Welcome to the Safeguarding Enfield Partnership

**NOTE : Our NEW Safeguarding Enfield website is now live! Please visit it at www.enfield.gov.uk/safeguardingenfield**

**This site will be taken down at the end of September 2020**

Message from the Independent Scrutineer

Our partnership is made up of Enfield Council, NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group and the Metropolitan Police Service. We have developed these new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements in response to a national drive to improve and increase Children’s safety. These new arrangements will continue to be developed, our wider partnership group includes many other agencies, for example, schools, hospitals, community groups, probation and Enfield residents, all of whom have a role in protecting children.

Please click here for arrangements

If you have any feedback on these new arrangements please let us know by emailing: safeguardingenfield@enfield.gov.uk

The information on this website is being updated based on the new arrangements, and will be in place by the 29th September. If you’re a child or young person, carer or an interested member of the public, this existing website will still be helpful to support you in the protection of children and young people in Enfield.

If you’re concerned about a child, don’t keep it to yourself, tell somebody.

Geraldine Gavin, Independent Scrutineer, Enfield Safeguarding Children Partnership