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Messages from the Safeguarding Board July 2015

Published: Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Key issues discussed at recent meeting of Enfield Safeguarding Children Board

The Choice – Young Safeguarding Champions film

The Young Safeguarding Champions are a group of young people committed to promoting the protection of children and young people in the borough. The champions programme is designed to ensure  young people have the opportunity to have a say in developing the strategies and interventions that are designed to safeguard them. This year the Champions have been involved in a number of key projects which they identified with the Enfield Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB)

The Champions selected the issue of drugs, specially the pressures around drug dealing, as something that really concerned them. With funding from Enfield Council Homes, they made a short film called The Choice, an original docudrama inspired by real life events, which explores the reasons why teenagers become drug dealers, and what the unexpected consequences can be for their friends and family. The powerful and thought-provoking film was premiered at the meeting of the ESCB on 13th July in front of senior managers from across Enfield who then had the opportunity to discuss it directly with the film makers and discuss with them what can be done to tackle the problem. The Champions now plan to take the film around Enfield to encourage discussion and debate on this very important issue.

Follow the link to view The Choice.

‘Prevent’ Programme and Radicalisation

The Board heard about the work lead by the Community Safety Unit (CSU), to tackle extremism and radicalisation and Enfield. 

The national PREVENT programme is well embedded in Enfield and the referral process for professionals who have concerns about children and young people is well understood. It was agreed that we all have a responsibility to to safeguard children, young people and families from violent extremism. Referrals are made through the Single Point of Entry (SPOE) as with any other Safeguarding referral. Where professionals have concerns but are not sure whether a referral is required they can contact Sujeevan Ponnampalam from the CSU to discuss.  If there are significant concerns following an assessment the referral may be passed on to the ‘Channel’ multi-agency safeguarding group to consider what support and interventions may be available. Any interventions are tailored to meet individual needs and will include a range of activities such as mentoring, leadership skills and other practical assistance.

The Board agreed that it is essential for all  partner agencies to work closely with the CSU to tackle this issue in Enfield particularly in light of the new Prevent Duty Guidance issued by the government earlier this year. A number of Training Sessions are now available through the Board and these will be reviewed and developed in response to our growing understanding of the challenges in Enfield.

 Domestic Abuse / Violence Against Women and Girls

The Board heard an update on the Enfield Domestic Abuse Strategy and Action plan. It was proposed that to help improve  outcomes for victims of Domestic Abuse we should implement a strengths-based, needs-led model that can respond to victim’s needs and changing risks. The model would be supported within a robust framework and promote the independence of victims to be helped building their personal and social capital and resilience. It was acknowledged that there is sometimes a tension between supporting victims of Domestic Abuse and protecting children, which must remain our priority. The Board approved the move to a strengths-based model in principal and requested further information and a clear evidence base to help us move forward.

The Board has commissioned a number of training courses which focus both on skills for working with families where domestic abuse is an issue and on also on the impact on children who are exposed to Domestic Abuse.

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