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Things you should know March 2016

Published: Friday, 08 April 2016

Key issues discussed at recent meeting of Enfield Safeguarding Children Board.

Previous Messages from the ESCB

Online Safety in Schools

Enabling our children and young people to be able to access and utilise the internet whilst remaining safe is an important issue for all of us. A new plan has been developed to help us understand how effectively our schools are achieving this. The plan has three elements: we are going to hear directly from our schools about what they are doing in this area as part of our Safeguarding in schools quality assurance work; we are going to find out what our young people are saying about how well-protected and well-informed they feel whilst using the internet; and finally we are going to hear from staff and students together at the next Head Teachers conference in the summer. Watch this space for more details. For information on internet safety visit the excellent Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) website.

Changes to the Single Point of Entry (SPOE)

Changes have been made to the process for making referrals for children and young people you are concerned about. The key change is that referrals should no longer be made directly to children’s social care  but should instead come through the SPOE. Professionals are also asked to consider whether there are safeguarding concerns and, if not, whether support can more effectively be delivered by a single agency. As part of changes that have been made, a number of key documents have been updated. These include the Enfield Threshold Document, which helps professionals identify levels of need, and the  Information Sharing Protocol SPOE – Key Principles). The new documents and more information can also be accessed via the Single Point of Entry (SPOE) webpage.

Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI)

Joint thematic inspections conducted by Ofsted, HMIC (Police), HMI Probation and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be carried out in a number of local areas across the country before September 2016. All four inspectorates will jointly assess how local authorities, the police, health, probation and youth offending services are working together in an area to identify, support and protect vulnerable children and young people.

The inspections will cover all forms of child abuse, assessment processes, how we protect children at risk, the effectiveness of the Safeguarding Board, and will have a particularly focus on CSE and missing children.

We are already working in Enfield to ensure our processes and systems are robust and effective and that we are ready for the inspection. We have developed a clear multi-agency action plan. You can find out more about the inspection framework on the Government JTAI webpage.

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