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Things You Should Know March 2017

Key messages from the March 2017 meeting of Enfield Safeguarding Children Board.

Family Resilience Strategy

There was a an update on the progress of the Family Resilience Strategy which is brining together the local response to Early Help.  The programme has four key themes;

  • ‘Think Family’
  • Family resilience
  • Developing the workforce
  • Embedding new ways of working

The Strategy recognises that we want families to:

  • be resilient, thrive and strengthen their community
  • preserve family life wherever possible
  • have the best physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • support children in their learning and education
  • be as economically self-sufficient as possible
  • live free of crime and domestic abuse.

Plans for the re-commissioning of Children’s Centres into Family Hubs have been developed and shared with Education and Children’s Services and head teachers currently delivering the service. Commissioning arrangements for 2018 onwards are now being set up.

The webpage for mapping early help provision is under development and ECYPS are acting as a conduit to the VCS, collating service details for inclusion.

The workstreams to deliver the programme are now in place and actions for the groups have been agreed with the workstream leads.

All actions are due to be completed by April 2018 and success criteria has been set against each action. Future updates will be brought to the ESCB in the coming months

Metropolitan Police Safeguarding update

HMIC undertook a Safeguarding inspection across the Met in September 2016. The outcome was poor and identified a number of concerns in relation to the Mets approach to protecting vulnerable young people. ESCB members from Enfield Police provided an update an activity being taken to address the problems. The new Police and Crime Plan for London 2017-2020 has just been published. It has three priorities:

  • Tackling violence against women and girls;
  • Keeping children and young people safe; and
  • Standing up to extremism, hatred and violence.

Borough policing will move to a new model and pilots are currently running in other boroughs. Enfield is expected to merge with Haringey.   The board was given assurance that safeguarding is at the forefront of all police work.  A programme of safeguarding training for all officers across London has commenced. A London-wide questionnaire has gone to all boroughs and police officers are being asked to answer questions about safeguarding and where they see gaps. An action plan is being developed . The ESCB will continue to monitor progress both locally and across the Met.

Domestic Abuse / Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy

A draft of the new strategy is almost ready. It has four priorities:

  • to stop domestic abuse;
  • support victims of domestic abuse;
  • manage the risks of domestic abuse; and
  • to bring perpetrators to justice.

An innovative new awareness raising campaign called. “He doesn’t love you if …” aimed at the 14 to 30 age range, has been placed on social media and has had a very positive response

You can watch the launch video here

The new strategy will come to the board for endorsement in the summer.


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