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Things You Should Know March 2018

Key messages from the March 2018 meeting of Enfield Safeguarding Children Board.

Business as usual

All at the March ESCB meeting agreed on the need for ‘business as usual’ whilst the new safeguarding arrangements are still being considered at the Department for Education.

Railway Safety

British Transport Police alerted all agencies about a concerning number of instances when local railway lines (Brimsdown to Coppermill Junction) can become a hot spot for trespassing and incidents. The Board asked for some more specific information, which we are expecting soon.

Children and young people held in custody

Children and young people under the age of 18 are sometimes held in police custody whilst other accommodation is being sought. This needs urgent attention across London and locally.  All partners are actively monitoring these instances.

School Nursing and Health Visiting services

The ESCB looked in particular at school nursing and health visiting services – both hugely important contributors to keeping children safe and spotting areas of concern. Public Health contracts this work to health providers. More detailed work is underway here to look at demand and capacity.

Goodbye and thanks to our lay member

We all said ‘Goodbye’ and a big ‘Thank you’ to Irene Ridley, a lay member from our community who has sat on the Board for a number of years. With the changes ahead for safeguarding arrangements, she has decided it is time to resign and we will miss her timely, quizzical and pertinent questions.

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