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Things You Should Know September 2017

Key messages from the September 2017 meeting of Enfield Safeguarding Children Board.

Single Point of Entry (SPOE) Review

During the early part of 2017 an organisation called Achieving for Children were invited to Enfield to help ensure the SPOE, which receives all referrals and other information about children, is as effective as possible. The review helpfully identified a number of areas for improvement, including a review and relaunch of Enfield’s Threshold document to ensure it is widely understood, and a revised programme of Safeguarding Training for all SPOE partners, which will be overseen by the ESCB. An update on progress will be discussed at future board meetings.

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy

Enfield’s VAWG strategy has now been published and was received by the ESCB this month. The strategy has four key objectives:

1) Prevent violence from happening
2) Provide support and protection where it does occur
3) Provide a coordinated community response
4) Hold perpetrators accountable

Whilst the focus is on women and girls, there are also sections on supporting male victims of abuse. You can download the strategy and read more about responses to Domestic Abuse on our Domestic Abuse / VAWG page.

Supplementary Schools

The topic of supplementary schools was again discussed this month. A local third sector organisation, Enfield Voluntary Action (EVA), provide support to supplementary schools and maintain a database of those schools that are registered. It is not a legal requirement for organisations to be registered, but they are strongly encouraged to do so. Please have a look at EVA’s Supplementary Schools webpage for more details. On 09/11/2017 the ESCB and EVA are coming together to deliver a Safeguarding Workshop for all our supplementary schools.

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