The Enfield Bake Off

Baked goods for sale at Holtwhites Bakery, Enfield

If you love bread, pastry and cake and you want to know where to spend your dough, you’re in luck! Enfield is full of top notch bakeries just waiting for you to pay them a visit.

  • Le Grand Jour

    Cakes on display at Le Grand Jour, Enfield

    There is something incredibly impressive and artistic about French desserts that really provide the wow factor and luckily there’s a place in Enfield which will blow you away.

    If French fancies float your boat, you’re in luck. Enfield’s only boulangerie and patisserie – Le Grand Jour – is offering top quality continental bread products crafted by an expert chef, just for you.

    But it’s not just about the bread, even a cursory glance inside the door of Le Grand Jour reveals a stunning array of cakes and pastries that will take your breath away – and that’s before you’ve tasted them.

    All the Belgian and French-inspired food is cooked from scratch on the premises and there is a huge selection of breads, croissants, pastries, quiches, cakes and hot dishes on offer.

    Vegan and gluten free options are available as is a selection of teas and coffees, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies and a wide range of chilled and dry goods.

    Address: 399C Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4JD
    Tel: 020 8882 6513
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  • Holtwhites Bakery

    Baked goods for sale at Holtwhites Bakery, Enfield

    A fixture of Chase Side for six years the award-winning family run Holtwhites Bakery is a firm favourite among residents and visitors in Enfield.

    Run by husband and wife, Richard and Kate, the bakery offers a huge array of bread, rolls, cakes and savouries as well as pasta, cheese, local beers, wine and condiments.

    As a “proper artisan bakery”, high quality raw ingredients are used to create products influenced by the places Kate and Richard have lived and the bakeries they have loved. It helps that staff are clearly experts in their field and what they don’t know about what they sell isn’t worth knowing!

    Holtwhites has daily bread specials including sourdough, walnut bread and Kalamata Olive Ciabatta and goes Italian on a Thursday – when they offer limited edition takeaway away pizzas but pre-ordering is essential!

    If you are looking for food on the move, then Holtwhites also offers a range of made to order lunches and drinks and they’ve recently launched a coffee bar.

    Address: 119 Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NN
    Tel: 020 8363 6503

  • Lefteris Bakery

    Bread on display at Lefteris bakery

    If you go bonkers for Baklava and Boureki and have a passion for Pasticho why not pay the Lefteris bakery a visit and see what treats they have on offer.

    The Lefteris bakery has been the destination of choice for lovers of Greek bread and baked goods for more than a century.

    And it’s not hard to work out why once you’ve tasted their wares, because it is abundantly clear that all their breads, savouries and desserts are made using traditional recipes dating back hundreds of years – and everything is cooked with love!

    The bakery itself has recently undergone an extensive makeover so that the ambience of the premises matches the quality of the food on offer.

    There really is absolutely no excuse not to pop in and join their skilled bakers for drinks, hot food, sandwiches and other delicious goodies in their heated outdoor seating area.

    Address: 23 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 4TN
    Tel: 020 8881 7304

  • Lincoln’s

    A new batch of patties for the oven at Lincoln's Bakery

    You’d expect a bakery that’s been trading for 27 years to have a few tricks up its sleeve – and if you pay a visit to Lincoln’s you’ll experience some seriously impressive food.

    From the ever-popular chocolate cake, to its legendary patties, this West Indian bakery has regular customers from as far afield as the Midlands and boasts a huge array of Caribbean food.

    As well as the usual breaded products Lincoln’s sells up to 1,000 patties a day including beef, fish, chicken, lamb, vegetable and swordfish as well as four types of porridge, Caribbean fruit cake, and ackee and swordfish dumplings.

    The staff are lovely, though you may want to consider pre-ordering your patties if you want them in the
    afternoon – because they sell like the proverbial hot cakes.

    With great food at great prices there really are a huge number of reasons why you should visit this fabulous bakery.

    Address: 287 Brettenham Road, Edmonton, N18 2HF
    Tel: 020 8245 2369
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