Equality and Diversity

The Enfield Strategic Partnership (ESP) has made a formal commitment to have equality and fairness as guiding principles for its work.

The ESP aims:

  • to oppose  and eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • to ensure that services, and information about services, of the partner organisations are available to all
  • to ensure that all parts of our community feel they have a voice and can be involved in local decision-making
  • to fully engage with the diverse and rapidly changing local community, including traditionally excluded local groups, ensuring that the partnership continues to reflect their needs, and improve the opportunities for these groups to participate fully at all levels of the partnership
  • to promote an environment that is welcoming to the diverse communities and cultures in the borough
  • to promote understanding and co-operation between different parts of our community through learning about each other’s cultures and experiences

More information appears in the ESP Equalities Statement (PDF, 18KB) approved in March 2011.