The new paid for garden waste collection service is due to begin in November 2019.

This service replaces your current food and garden waste service.

This service will be available to you if you already have a green lidded bin at your property and produce garden waste.

The new paid for service will be a fortnightly collection of household garden waste in your existing green lidded bin. If you currently have a smaller green lidded bin this can be exchanged free of charge at the start of the new service. Please tick the box below.

Annual cost for this service is £65, and will run between 1st April and 31st March

This service begins in November 2019, and if you sign up by November 2019 you will receive 5 months for free.

Your food recycling will be collected, at no charge, on a weekly basis. You will receive further information and your new food recycling caddies in November 2019.

Please note, this is an expression of interest only, no payment is required at this time. We will contact you in due course to advise when registration for the service is open.

To express an interest in the paid for garden waste collection service please complete the information below:

If you currently have a smaller 140 litre green lidded bin and would be interested in upgrading to a larger 240 litre bin, please tick the box below. Any upgrades will be free of charge and will be actioned in early Autumn 2019.

The information you supply will be used solely to contact you in respect of the services; data is handled in accordance with the council’s privacy statement. It will be retained in accordance with our retention policy for customer contacts.