Overseas adoption

Intercountry adoption is where a person adopts a child from another country. The child then moves legally and permanently from their birth family to another family.

To help with this, Adopt London offers adoption assessments, counselling and support after placement, and help with contact arrangements.

England and Wales have the same standards for all people wanting to adopt, whether intercountry or domestic. Each country overseas has its own standards and guidelines on who is eligible to adopt a child from their country.

To apply for adoption overseas with Adopt London you need to:

  • be at least 21 and live in London
  • have the secure tenancy of a home big enough to care for a child as they grow
  • be in good health
  • prove you can support the child financially
  • have completed any chosen fertility treatment
  • accept our equal opportunities policy and commit to anti-discriminatory practices
  • accept that the child’s welfare is the most important consideration

The process

To apply, contact Adopt London after deciding which country you would like to adopt from. You will be able to talk with an adoption social worker about the process and things you will need to consider if you want to progress your application.

If you decide this is for you, your application will be sent to IAC: The Centre for Adoption, an organisation specialising in overseas adoption that will work with you on our behalf. They will ask detailed questions about you, your life and your motivation for adopting a child abroad, including what your connections are with the chosen country. They will meet with you and take your application to the next stage.

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