Food businesses


Could your café, canteen, restaurant, takeaway or vending machine be more SUGAR SMART?


Join the Sugar Smart campaign by pledging to take 3 small actions that make a big difference such as:

  • Remove high sugar items from vending machines and ensure a minimum of 40% foods and drinks are healthy options
  • Make tap water more prominently available and promote drinking water as the number one drink.
  • Drinks with more than 5g sugar per 100ml represent less than 50% of the soft drinks range
  • Sell specific drinks for children, limited to plain water, unsweetened fruit juices or semi-skimmed milk
  • Pre-packed ready-to-eat confectionary, sugary snacks and dessert items (such as cakes) intended for individual consumption are no more than 250kcal or 27g sugar per packet and provide smaller sizes if available
  • Offer ‘half-portions’ on items like cakes (this option must be clearly apparent for customers, such as by stating on menus, signage, etc).
  • Replace sugary items with healthier food and drinks and display signage about sugar content in everyday foods and drinks.
  • Introduce a Traffic light system on drinks menus/shelves
  • Remove ads and make it policy not to advertise or promote any food and drink high in sugar.
  • Ban price promotions on sugary drinks and snacks such as discounts, multi-buys, free items or meal deals.
  • Ensure there are no sugary drinks and snacks for sale at checkout areas to discourage impulse buying.
  • Get accredited by an external organisation to ensure the food and drink you serve is healthy e.g. The Healthier Catering Commitment scheme


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