Move more

Physical activity is crucial for good health. Adults should aim to get at least 150 minutes a week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more. A little exercise is better than no exercise and the more active you are, the more benefits you’ll gain.

Aim for 150 minutes a week, anytime, anywhere

Local Opportunities

  • Cycle Enfield Lots of cycle routes, events and activities, including cycle training
  • Active Enfield A range of fun and engaging sport, dance and health activities all year round for all ages
  • Fit for Life by Age UK Enfield provides a wide variety of activities at low cost for over 50s
  • Park Run Free 5km running events for all levels every Saturday morning in Edmonton and Grovelands park
  • Parks in Enfield Lots of walking routes, pitches and courts, park activities and volunteering opportunities

Local walking maps

Use the walking maps of our local parks, which highlight the distance of the route, as well as great facilities including green gyms, playgrounds and much more.


Here are some websites for further information on getting active:


  • Couch to 5k A free nine-week running plan for people who want to be more active
  • Active 10 walking tracker Shows you how many brisk walks you’re doing and how to fit more into your day
  • British Heart Foundation A list of free apps that will help you get more active
  • Walk4life Routes in Enfield with functions to record walks, monitor fitness and set challenges
  • Trackers such as Myfitnesspal can be used to count your daily activities, steps and calories burned