Sexual Health

Good sexual health is an important part of being healthy. It is vital that everyone is able to make the right choices so they can build fulfilling relationships and protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, and unwanted pregnancies.

The Sexual Health Services for Enfield are provided through dedicated sexual health services provided by ECHO, the Enfield Clinics Health Organisation, which are based at The Town Clinic in Enfield Town, Silverpoint Clinic Fore Street Edmonton, Enfield Island Surgery in Enfield Island Village and the Alexander Pringle Centre at North Middlesex University Hospital. Additional sexual health services are also provided by most GP Practices and a network of Pharmacies distributed across the borough.

ECHO Clinics               

At the clinics you can access friendly, quick, confidential and responsive services for all your sexual health needs, from contraception and STI tests to general advice, counselling and support on all things relating to sex. All treatment is free of charge.

To access ECHO services in Enfield, there is a single local rate phone number to call and book appointments: 020 8887 4510/020 8887 4511

For more information on the services ECHO provide in Enfield you can visit their website here

GP Practices

Contraceptive services are provided by all GP Practices. This includes the Contraceptive Pill, Emergency Hormone Contraception (EHC) for episodes of unprotected sexual activity and a number of GPs also provide Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) such as the coil or implants. GPs can also provide screen for chlamydia, a common sexually transmitted disease.


A number of pharmacies across the borough provide free Emergency Hormone Contraception (EHC) for those aged under 25. This is the quickest and easiest way to receive EHC treatment and does not require an appointment. In addition these pharmacies also provide chlamydia screening postal kits free of charge. Information about emergency contraception and a list of the pharmacies providing EHC in Enfield can be found here.

For more information about sexually transmitted infections and contraception visit the NHS Choices

If you are 25 or under visit Brook