Substance misuse

Drugs, alcohol and other substances can change your behaviour, the way you think and the way you interact with others.

This page provides lots of information about drugs and alcohol, including where to get support if you are concerned about your child.

If you, your family or a loved one needs help with drugs, legal highs, gases, glues, aerosols and alcohol – information, advice and support is available.


You may find the information from the following websites useful:

  • Drinkaware has information for parents to encourage them to talk to their children about alcohol
  • NHS has information about talking to your child about drugs, where to get help for your child, and where to get support for yourself as a parent of a child with drug problems.

 Local support

  • Enable: If you are 19 or older, contact 020 8379 6010 or email the team who will help you get the support you need.
  • Sort It! Compass: If you are aged 18 or under and are affected by your own or another person’s substance misuse, you can turn to the friendly, experienced team at Compass Enfield for professional, confidential care and support.


  • Days Off The One You Days Off app is a simple and easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t.
  • Drinks Tracker Drinking a bit too much can sneak up on you. This free drinks tracker app makes it easy to keep an eye on the booze and take control with daily tips and feedback.

Legal Highs

Not So Legal Highs! Did you know that since the 26 May 2016, New Psychoactive Substances (formally called Legal Highs) are illegal to produce, supply or import (even for personal use, e.g. over the internet) for human consumption. This includes selling them or giving them away for free (even to friends) when they are going to be taken to get high. For further information please visit the FRANK website.