School-based health Services

School nurses work with the Local Authority schools and with children and young people in academy and free schools where a child is subject to a safeguarding or child in need plan, or if they are a looked after child. The nurse’s aim is to keep children healthy and enable them to reach their full potential.

School nurses are qualified nurses who work in partnership with schools and Public Health providing health promotion advice that may affect the health or development of school aged children. The school nurse can advise or will know where help can be sought on many health matters, including sex and relationships, drugs, bullying and obesity issues.

School nurses accept self-referrals from children or their families as well as referrals from school staff, social services, looked after children nurse specialists, child protection nurses, medical colleagues, and health visitors.

Enfield’s school nurses are based at St Michaels Hospital, Gater Drive, Enfield, EN2 0JB

To contact the school nursing central point of access, call 020 8702 6184 or email There will be a duty school nurse on call daily 0900-1330.

Visit the website to access the referral form:


National Vaccination Programme

Your child will be offered the following immunisations in school:

  • Reception Age to Year 5: Fleunz, to reduce flu rates. This is a nasal spray not an injection.
  • Girls in Year 8: HPV to reduce cervical cancer rates. This is an injection into the upper arm and there will be 2 injections approximately 6 to 12 months part.
  • Year 9: Meningitis ACWY, to reduce incidents of 4 strains of meningitis and Revaxis, to reduce incidents of diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Children will receive 2 injections, 1 injection in each arm during the same appointment.

Parents will be contacted about immunisations through their child’s school. Children of all ages are asked for signed parental consent but in secondary school pupils can give their own consent, if assessed as capable. This means that if a parent refuses the vaccination may still be given if their child consents and understands the issues in what the procedure involves. If parents consent on behalf of your child and the child refuses the vaccination, it will not be given.

For more information or any enquiries contact: or 0208 702 4829 / 0208 702 3700. Service Open Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm.


Oral Health

Whittington Health Dental Services works across Enfield to promote good dental health. They provide many schools, including special needs schools, in Enfield with Fluoride Varnishing. The Fluoride Varnishing Programme involves visiting schools twice a year to put fluoride varnish on nursery, reception and year 1 children. They also visit children centre sites across the borough to speak with parents about oral health, give free brushing packs and can signpost parents to local dentists.