Join the Enfield schools who are already taking steps to help students reduce their sugar intake.

There are many ways to become Sugar Smart. Choose three pledges from the menu of actions below or add your own pledges:

  • Once a week, introduce a dessert containing 100% fruit
  • Make drinking water available in dining areas and throughout the day
  • No sugary drinks allowed in packed lunches
  • Promote the uptake of school meals
  • Ensure that all meals served in school meet school food standards
  • Ensure that food at classroom parties and functions isn’t high in sugar
  • Encourage staff to model healthy eating
  • Conduct low sugar recipe demonstrations to encourage better choices
  • Teach children where food comes from and grow produce together
  • Produce a sugar smart recipe book for parents
  • Use student council meetings or PSHE classes to debate sugar issues
  • Set a challenge, such as giving up sugary drinks for a whole week
  • Run competitions for healthy eating within the school
  • Include nutritional workshops in the core PE lesson programme
  • Run a Sugar Smart assembly using video and information resources
  • Make viral content such as videos to share on social media channels
  • Run a quiz with facts about sugar in everyday food and drink


School Resources


Classroom Resources

Lesson plans

Class activities & exercises Recipes
 Lesson Plan – Sugar  Label quiz Boiled egg asparagus soldiers
 Lesson Plan Y1- Honey Sugar Smart Quiz  Mini superfruit breakfast wraps
 Lesson Plan Y2- Food Sources Story Joseph Food Explorer  One cup pancakes blueberries
Story The Sugar Story  Silky masala eggs
Sugar ranking exercise
Supermarket Sugar Swap
Teaspoons of sugar- guessing game
Weekly Diary
Word Search