Simple Changes

The Enfield Public Health team and its partners are concerned with all aspects of health within the borough.

When we feel well, we feel better about ourselves. We’re then more able to help ourselves and others around us to enjoy life.

A simple change can make a big difference. Evidence has shown that an unhealthy lifestyle can result in debilitating diseases or premature death. This can be prevented by making a few simple changes: eat well, keep active, stay connected and don’t smoke.

What are some reasons for making lifestyle changes?

 Making a few simple changes can prevent illnesses developing, give us more energy for the things we want to do and even help us get a better night’s sleep.

People want to be there for major life events, such as special anniversaries, a son or daughter’s graduation, family weddings, grandchildren’s birthdays and realising their plans for retirement.  Unfortunately, more than 50% of people die from health conditions that may be prevented, missing out on important occasions.

Improving what we put in our bodies by eating well, keeping active, staying connected and not smoking can help reduce chronic health problems such as some cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, lung disease and mental health and wellbeing.

The simple change method

Feeling better as an individual can influence our daily life. It can also have an impact on our family. We are encouraging residents to look after their health by making a few simple changes.

There are simple lifestyle changes which can help prevent five of the key diseases which cause more than 50% of the deaths in Enfield:

  • 4 Behaviours: eat well, keep active, stay socially connected and don’t smoke
  • 5 Preventable diseases: heart disease and stroke, cancers, lung disease, Type 2 diabetes, and common mental disorders
  • Cause more than 50% of deaths in Enfield

We can all look after ourselves better so that we can be there for those special occasions. Make a simple change this month, don’t put it off.

Make a few simple changes

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