Sports clubs & Leisure centres

Sports clubs and leisure centres should be beacons of good practice given the link between diet and physical activity in maintaining a healthy weight. Yet, too many sugary drinks and snacks can still be found in sports clubs, gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres round the country. It’s time to act and support people in making the right food and drink choices and maintain a healthy weight.


Join the Sugar Smart campaign by pledging to take 3 small actions that make a big difference such as:

  • Remove sugary items from vending machines and display information about the amount of sugar in everyday food and drink.
  • Install water points and promote drinking water as the number one drink.
  • Introduce a water only policy at training and games, and educate parents and children on the reasons for introducing it.
  • Improve catering by working towards the Healthier Catering Commitment
  • Drinks with more than 5g sugar per 100ml represent less than 50% of the soft drinks rang
  • Pre-packed ready-to-eat confectionary, sugary snacks and dessert items intended for individual consumption are no more than 250kcal or 27g sugar per packet and provide smaller sizes if available
  • Offer ‘half-portions’ on items like cakes (this option must be clearly apparent for customers, such as by stating on menus, signage, etc).
  • Remove ads and make it policy not to advertise or promote any food and drink high in sugar.
  • Ban price promotions on sugary drinks and snacks such as discounts, multi-buys, free items or meal deals.
  • Replace sugary items with healthier food and drinks and display signage about sugar content in everyday foods and drinks.
  • Ensure there are no sugary drinks and snacks for sale at checkout areas to discourage impulse buying.