Sugar Smart September

Are you concerned about how much sugar do you or your children consume?
Do you find it hard to cut down on sugar, as it is often hidden in foods and drinks?

Join SUGAR SMART September! We are encouraging people to be smart about their food choices and try to reduce the amount of free sugar eaten during September. 

Here’s some of the things you can do:

No Spoons Option

Completely cut out added sugar from your diet for the whole of September!

Healthy Balance Option

Completely avoid added sugar during weekdays, with moderate treats only during weekends.

Super Seven Option

Eat less than the maximum recommended 7 teaspoons of added sugar per day.  This is a good option to get started on for long term Sugar Smart eating.

Easing In Option

Cut out added sugar during working hours – particularly suited to those office workers who are tempted daily by office treats!

Set your own Challenge

Do you have your own idea for a challenge? Ditching fizzy drinks or cooking from scratch to avoid hidden sugars in popular foods? Set your goal and let us know.


Download the Sugar Smart Challenge Diary and get started!

For more guidance, check the Sugar Smart September guide.