Annual Public Health Reports

The statutory Annual Public Health Report (APHR) is an independent report from Director for the Public’s Health. It provides an opportunity to initiate a wider discussion about our residents’ health and wellbeing, to focus attention on current health-related issues and to help galvanise people and organisations to take action.

Each report covers different themes of health and wellbeing in Enfield.

*NEW* APHR 2020/21 – Tackling Obesity in the light of COVID-19

APHR 2018 – A 10- year vision for a Healthy Enfield

APHR 2016 – Diabetes

APHR 2015 – Infant Mortality

APHR 2014 – Health Inequality (Full Report)

APHR 2014 – Health Inequality (Short version)

APHR 2012 – Improving Health and Wellbeing