Life Expectancy, Healthy Life Expectancy and Mortality

Key Points

  • Female Life expectancy in Enfield = 84.5 years (ONS, 2015-17)
  • Male Life Expectancy in Enfield = 80.3 years (ONS, 2015-17)
  • Life expectancy at birth in Enfield is significantly better than England averages, however, there is still wide variation within the borough. For both men and women, lower life expectancy is generally found in the East of the borough (ONS, 2015-17)
  • More than 15 years lived in ‘poor health’
  • Females in Edmonton Green live 28 years in ‘poor health
  • The gap in both Healthy Life Expectancy is wider in more deprived areas
  • Around 2000 deaths annually in Enfield
  • The leading causes of death are circulatory disease, cancers, lung disease and mental & behavioural disorders

Fact Sheets

Life Expectancy and Healthy Life Expectancy

This profile contains ONS population projections. These are not the only population projections available, a full explanation of the different types of population projections is presented in the report: Population projections explanatory note

Mortality: Causes of Death in Enfield (coming soon)

Interactive Profile (JSNA)

For more detailed intelligence and data on the life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and mortality rates of the population of Enfield, including excess winter deaths and most common causes of death, visit the interactive profile.

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