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Our Tenants

Our ethical values are at the core of all we do.

Enfield Let aims to provide stability and housing security to local residents who otherwise have difficulty in accessing the private sector. At the end of each tenancy, we hope residents who do not wish to renew their tenancy, will have forged a greater opportunity for success in securing a tenancy in the private sector.

These values were considered carefully when forming our new offering to our tenants which including:

  • Good quality accommodation in the private sector
  • Stable tenancies through 12 month AST agreements
  • Professional landlord service
  • Professional management service
  • Quick, reliable repairs
  • Working in partnership with local authority services

All our tenants are checked to ensure the properties in which they are placed are both:

  • Suitable for their living requirements in terms of size, location, proximity to required amenities (schools and places of work), access requirements
  • Affordable and within the means of the tenant to meet rental and supplier costs.