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30 Hours Providers

This page is dedicated to all the 30 hours information you will need. Regular updates will take place and all attachments that we send you via email can be found on this page too.  This is your go to guide to 30 Hours.

Dates for your diaries

Application Deadline Dates

Term If child turns 3 between or before;  Parent must Apply Before
Autumn 1st April – 31st August 31 August
Spring 1st September – 31st December 31 December
Summer 1st January – 31st March 31 March


How To Validate Codes

 30 Hours Quick Guide

Video of how to add 30 Hours Actuals to the Provider Portal


Parents must reconfirm every 3 months. Instructions can be found here.

If a parent misses their deadline, they will enter their grace period. If they reconfirm after their reconfirmation date, their next reconfirmation will stick on cycle.

If they reconfirm after their grace period ends, they cannot receive funding in the next term. EG if their Grace Period end date was 31st December 2018 and they reconfirmed on 3rd January 2019, they will NOT receive funding in Autumn term.

Funding Information

How many weeks in term?  12 Funded Weeks

Term Dates: 1st January 2019 – 31st March 2019

Half Term: 18th to 22nd  February 2019

Headcount Day: 17th January 2019

Eligible Funding Date of Birth Range – 01 January 2015 – 31 August 2015

You are paid £5.11 per hour for a 3-4 year old child accessing the 30 hours.

Payment is worked out as;

              £5.11 x 12 weeks of Spring x 30 hours = £1839.60 per child

             £5.11 x 12 weeks of Spring x 18 hours = £1103.76   per child

Due Submission Deadline Date When will I be paid?  
Headcount Data (30 Hour Actuals) Friday 18th January 2019 By Friday 8th February 2019

Marketing Materials

You can find a poster for you to have in your setting for parents, if you wish. You must print this yourself. This includes informing parents need to follow your terms and conditions if they wish to leave your setting. 30 Hours poster for your setting


If you are part of the Early Years Membership then you will be entitled to a ‘free’ banner included in the package to promote the 30 Hours.

If you would like an additional banner (subject to availability) then you will be charged £95. You will need to send an email to requesting an additional banner so they can send you a payment request. Once Informed Families have received the world pay receipt, they will forward your request to your advisor who will arrange a time with you for the delivery of the banner.

Find out more provider information regarding the childcare offers on Childcare Choices Provider Page.


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