Terrific Twos

What is the Terrific Twos?

The Terrific Twos is up to 570 hours of funded education per year for your child.



Please note: The below criteria is due to change 1st April 2018 in line with new Government guidelines that may impact on your child’s eligibility.  For information regarding Universal Credit please visit https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit

 How to Apply


Please ‘only‘ apply from the Term ‘before‘ your child is 2 years old

Text the word TERRIFIC to 81025 – We will send you a text back asking for all the information you will need for the application to be processed.



Please ‘only‘ apply from the Term ‘before‘ your child is 2 years old

Once we have processed your application, we will be in touch with you via email or text. This can be between 3 – 5 working days after you submit your application.

PLEASE READ: how will we use your data?

Enfield Council stores your personal information securely (either on a database which only the Terrific Twos team will be able to access, or in locked cupboards) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your application may be held indefinitely.

Under the Act you have certain rights regarding access to the personal information that Enfield Council holds about you. You can request to see this personal information and our data protection policy by contacting The Terrific Two team.

We may need to share your personal details with children’s centres, schools, other services and childcare providers to further support your Terrific Twos application and your child’s placement. This information may also be shared with schools, partner organisations, funding bodies and other professional agencies for monitoring and evaluation purposes. You will need to check the Data Protection or Information Security policy of the service you are referred to in order to be aware of how they will store and use your information

If You’re Eligible, What Next?

If you’re eligible, your child can access up to 15 hours of funded childcare over 38 weeks of the year, the term after they turn 2 – we will give you the eligibility date.

All Terrific Twos sessions can include additional hours, lunches, snack and any additional classes such as, yoga, music etc. which are chargeable. This must be presented clearly to you and agreed prior to your child starting at the setting.

If you’re ‘not’ Eligible, What Next?

Please take a look at Paying for Childcare.

Process to Change your Terrific Twos Provider:

When signing a contract with a childcare provider, please make yourself aware of the agreement you are signing. You would be required to give ‘one’ month notice to your current provider and agree an end date in writing via email as evidence. Upon receipt of the email, forward it to if@enfield.gov.uk to include the new provider details and start date which must be after the agreed end date. Failure to give adequate notice may result in you not being able to access your funding elsewhere until your notice period has ended.

Taking up the Terrific Twos (2 year old funding) Out of Borough:You would need to check your eligibility with the borough you live in. If you are confirmed eligible then you will need to contact a provider in the borough of your choice and liaise directly as you should have received evidence of your eligibility. If you take up the childcare out of borough, please let Informed Families know the name of the setting by email: if@enfield.gov.uk to include your child’s full name and date of birth.

Transfer from Terrific Twos to the Free Entitlement (3 & 4 year old Nursery Education Fund NEF)When you take up the Terrific twos and want to stay with the same provider for the NEF *, you will need to enquire about availability with the provider as you may not automatically be allocated a follow on placement.*you do not need to apply to Informed Families for the NEF as all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to funded early education sessions of up to 15 hours, the term after their 3rd birthday.