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Providing childminding services

Can you help me become registered?

We offer both an Initial Briefing and 2 Day Training in relation to becoming a childminder. To book onto these courses, please click here.

What will Ofsted check?

During the registration process, you must …

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Setting up group childcare

How do I set up a group childcare provision?

The Council’s Early Years team can recommend, advise and support on issues relating to suitable premises, delivering legal requirements of the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and preparing for …

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What are the types of providers and what do they do?


Childminders work from their own homes to provide care and learning opportunities for other people’s children. Childminders can be flexible around the hours they work and can offer an individualised and family friendly service. Children have opportunities to visit …

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What does Ofsted do?

Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) has a duty to:

Place providers on the appropriate register, as described on their website.
Visit providers before, and inspect providers regularly after, registration.
Investigate and act upon complaints, to …

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What if I am unhappy with my childcare provider?

Discuss with the childminder/day nursery/pre school/ Breakfast, After School Clubs/Holiday Play schemes anything you are unhappy about as soon as the issue arises so that your concern can be resolved at an early stage. If the difficulty cannot be resolved …

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