Man in workshopFrom the beginning of the 20th century when Enfield was at the forefront of technology and innovation with the invention of the electric lamp in Ponders End to colour television broadcast in the 1960s, Enfield’s history is steeped in industry.

Enfield was a major centre of manufacturing in London with over 50% of its jobs in manufacturing during the 1970s. Enfield was the birthplace of the diode valve, the Lee Enfield rifle and Bren gun, the BBC’s first transmitters, and the British public’s first solid-state colour TVs and dishwashers.

Enfield is London’s second largest industrial location and manufacturing employment corridor. The scale and variety of industrial land in Enfield is creating fresh opportunities. New developments are creating innovative new environments. Old estates are being rejuvenated and brought up to top-quality standards in order to appeal to blue-chip occupiers.

Enfield is now home to around 400 manufacturing business based along the Upper Lee Valley in London’s 2nd largest strategic industrial corridor.

Enfield boasts a diverse industrial base offering commercial floor space and land available at relatively low cost. We currently have 20 industrial estates, mainly along the eastern corridor.

Enfield intends to be London’s manufacturing base for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We will grow our manufacturing base which includes fashion and textiles, makerspaces, digital and 3D prototyping and printing, manufacturing processing and technology companies.

The genesis of this renewal is already taking place at Meridian Water’s makerspace hosted by Building BloQs.

From blacksmiths to bicycle makers, furniture makers to fashion designers, hundreds of London’s most skilled makers are coming to Building BloQs, the not-for-profit open access makerspace.