Energetik branding‘energetik’ is Enfield Council’s own energy company. The company has been set up to supply better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly.

‘energetik’ will develop, own and operate a series of community energy networks throughout Enfield and North London. It will supply over 15,000 homes and businesses with low carbon heating and hot water via a network of highly insulated underground pipes.

The energy company underpins the borough’s regeneration ambitions. The 10,000 homes at the £6billion Meridian Water development will benefit by connecting to the network. Smaller community energy networks are being developed at other key regeneration sites in Enfield. Each of these can be expanded: energetik has initial capacity to supply at least 30,000 homes and businesses across North London.

Using a specification that gives greater longevity and efficiency, the system is designed to deliver quality to customers. Homes and businesses that connect will benefit from energetik’s reliable heat provision and customer service, and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint for heating by up to 80%.

More information can be found at www.energetik.london.