The council’s offer

The availability of employment land of the right type and in the right location is central to achieving the Council’s policy on economic prosperity and job growth.

Most of the Borough’s industrial land lies in the Upper Lee Valley. North East Enfield and Central Leeside together account for 83% of the Borough’s industrial land and provide differing employment offers.

Enfield Council has a dedicated team to support you and your business.

How the team can assist you:

  • Introduce you to the borough and the opportunities which exist.
  • Identify appropriate sites and buildings for you.
  • Help you access information you need for your investment decision.
  • Provide a consistent point of contact for you throughout and beyond the investment process.

For more information, email the team at

We recognise the vital role that the private sector plays in supporting and developing Enfield’s economy. That is why we value our existing businesses but also welcome new investment and development. Our aim is to grow our economy with thriving profitable businesses whilst providing employment opportunities for even more of our residents, now and in the future.

Please be assured that if you work in partnership with Enfield Council on any project you will find a local authority that is committed to:

  • Helping businesses looking to expand in or move to Enfield.
  • Setting and creating policies that support rather than inhibit all our growth ambitions.
  • Ensuring the Council’s planning officers work closely with the inward investment team to help support our vision for growth.
  • Identifying and developing new strategic alliances and collaborations to support the delivery of projects and unlock opportunities for both us and our partners.
  • Playing a leading role in supporting the promotion of Enfield as an important business destination and an area where more and more people are choosing to live, work and play.

“Our business is high tech and fast moving. Enfield’s ambition as a borough mirrors our ambition to grow.”
Barry Connelly, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Johnson Matthey

“Locating Kelvin Hughes in Enfield provided us with an increased ability to be competitive in a global market through access to skills and locality.”
Russell Gould, CEO, Kelvin Hughes

“Enfield is where our customers want to be – it’s an area that’s going to grow and expand. It makes perfect sense for SEGRO to invest in the borough.”
Alan Holland, Director, SEGRO Business Unit