The future

Projections suggest that Enfield’s population could be around 400,000 (Office for National Statistics, 2015) in the next 15 years. This is an increase of nearly 30% from the 2011 Census and would make Enfield one of London’s most populated boroughs.

We need to proactively plan for over 2,000 new homes per year to accommodate this population growth.

We also need to increase the number of:

  • Jobs – A minimum of 13,000 new jobs will need to be created in the borough, with the Council aiming to create many thousands of new jobs.
  • Transport options – New transport infrastructure including road, rail and cycle facilities helping to keep Enfield moving.
  • School places – School places will need to be expanded by 20 forms of entry for primary school and 32 forms of entry for secondary school up to 2027.
  • Community facilities – Increases in the provision of community facilities and other types of supporting infrastructure (e.g. health, green space, leisure, transport, utilities etc).
  • Shops – An additional 65,000 sq.m of retail space by 2029 in order to meet the demands of the increased population.

All of these issues feature as part of the ongoing Local Plan process.