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Be an organ donor

Published on:

02 September 2016

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Enfield becomes first UK local authority to enable residents to become organ donors from its website.

Cllr Krystle Fonyonga leads organ donor campaign.

Enfield becomes first UK local authority to enable residents to become organ donors from its website.

Three people die every day on the waiting list for an organ transplant. To help tackle this, Enfield Council is launching a campaign during Organ Donation Week (5 to 11 September) to encourage people to sign up to be organ donors.

Enfield Council will become the first local authority in the United Kingdom to allow people to sign up to the organ donation register directly from its website. To mark this Deputy Leader, Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, did exactly that this week and pledged to be a lifesaver.

In Enfield:

  • around 80 people are currently on the waiting list to receive an organ donation
  • most of these people are waiting for kidneys, but also pancreas, heart, liver and lungs
  • to date around 60,000 residents in Enfield, 19.5% of the population, are on the NHS organ donor register. Nationally the figure is 32%.
  • there are usually between three and five deaths every year for people waiting for a transplant
  • approximately 50 people receive an organ per year

It is so easy to become an organ donor, anyone can join the register and there is no age limit for joining the register and recording your wish to be a donor.

Cllr Georgiou said: "Organ donation saves lives, it's as simple as that and I am proud to sign up and join the millions of others who have said their organs can be used after their death.

"I have signed up today to pledge my support and I would urge everyone else to do the same, this one small action could save a life."

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga, who joined the organ donor register when she was 18, said: "In Enfield 80 people are waiting to receive a donor organ to save or dramatically improve the quality of their life. Many of these people have been waiting for years, and this includes young children.

"Please think about whether you would want an organ to be available to save your life if needed, or to save the life of a loved one and please do join the register today. In our borough we have below average levels of donors, and we desperately want to change that.

"Enfield Council is leading the way in encouraging people to support the cause by being the first local authority to allow people to sign up to be an organ donor directly from our website. It is simple, just log on to the Enfield Council website and click 'Register / Sign In' in the top right hand corner.

"When you register on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it's really important that you tell those closest to you about your decision. Even if your name is on the register, your family will be asked about your donation.

"If they know you wanted to be a donor, it will be much easier for them to support your wish to donate at a difficult time. Please don't leave it to chance. Spell it out clearly so they don't have that burden of making a sudden decision should the worst happen.

"It takes less than two minutes to sign up, but your decision could save many lives in the event of your death."

You can join the organ donor register by registering your details online or by calling 0300 123 23 23.