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Brimsdown Primary makes noise about deaf provision

Published on:

15 March 2017

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This week Brimsdown Primary School in Enfield threw open the doors of its unique 'Hearing Impairment Resource Base'.

This week Brimsdown Primary School in Enfield threw open the doors of its unique 'Hearing Impairment Resource Base' to show how this important part of the school has improved the lives of not only deaf children, but all its pupils.

During a visit by Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Children’s Services & Protection, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, the school showcased how, thanks to the commitment of two deaf instructors and a Teacher of the Deaf, children in the school who have hearing impairments can be helped with integration and communication.

The base, which has been operating 11 years, runs special staff and family signing lessons during the day and after school, it also runs a unique workshop where anyone interested in learning about signing or deaf issues is welcome to join.

In total the school has 10 deaf children and six deaf members of staff; however, the classes are attended by all pupils who enjoy learning to sign.

Cllr Orhan said “Every week, 34 children in the UK are born deaf – and while deafness is not a learning disability, the barriers that hold deaf children back can be huge.

“With research showing how crucial early years education is to later development, we take the risk of early years teachers not understanding deaf children’s needs and not knowing how best to communicate with them.

“Brimsdown Primary School’s Hearing Impairment Resource Base brings deaf children alongside their peers, parents and staff, and makes hearing impairment everyone’s business. It is an inspirational place.”

The Executive Headteacher of Brimsdown Primary, Matthew Kleinner-Mann, said: “Brimsdown Primary is an extremely inclusive school, which welcomes all of its pupils regardless of any disabilities or issues they may have.

“Everyone in our school is deaf aware, and can sign basic British Sign Language (BSL) so there is great communication between deaf and hearing staff and children. Young children readily pick up language, both spoken and signed, so the early years is the right time to introduce them to this.

“Due to our wonderful Hearing Impairment Resource Base our deaf children are more confident and independent thanks to hearing impairment and BSL being so high on the agenda in our school.”

If you want to find out more about the Resource Base, or learning BSL contact: Dani Lang – Associate Headteacher on 020 8804 6797 or Email