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Don't lose your vote - register now

Published on:

11 April 2016

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People who want to vote in the forthcoming London elections have until 19 April to register.

There are just a few weeks left before Londoners go to the polls on Thursday 5 May to elect a new mayor and a new Greater London Assembly and Enfield’s residents are being urged to register before the closing date on 18 April.

Enfield Council’s Chief Executive, Rob Leak, said: “If you want to vote you must be aged 18 or over on polling day and included on the electoral register.

“The government changed the registration regulations in June 2014 and this means that each person must register individually. This was a big change from one householder listing all eligible people living at the same address so some people may think they’re registered when they’re not.

“At each election we have to turn people away at the polling stations because they are not on our registration lists. These lists are updated every year for every election, or other public voting such as a referendum.

“I urge everybody who is eligible to make sure that they do not lose their vote because they are not on the list.”

There is just a week left to register to vote in the important London elections so if you are not already registered go online today at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

And for those who have already registered but want a postal vote please make sure that you complete and return your application by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April 2016.  

Forms can be downloaded at: www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/how-do-i-vote/voting-by-post