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Enfield bids to become London’s Borough of Culture

Published on:

08 November 2017

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Enfield’s bid to be crowned as London’s first Borough of Culture will be launched at an exhibition by acclaimed artist Patrick Samuel on 7 November.

• Bid was launched at art exhibition by acclaimed artist Patrick Samuel on Tuesaday 7 November
• Enfield’s bid aims to show how art and culture can transform lives
• Enfield Council’s bid will showcase the borough’s cultural initiatives, vision, hidden gems, rich history and unique place in London’s entertainment heritage

Enfield’s bid to be crowned as London’s first Borough of Culture has been launched at an exhibition by acclaimed artist Patrick Samuel.

Enfield Council is seeking the accolade after the competition was introduced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan in June.

It will see the capital's 32 boroughs bid for more than £1m of funding to stage a programme of cultural events and initiatives and will be supported by a grant of £300,000 from City Bridge Trust, part of the City of London Corporation.

Enfield Council’s bid was launched at the Dugdale Centre on Tuesday (7 November) and  focuses on how art and culture in the borough have the power to change residents’ lives for the better, and help us to tell the story of their lives and experiences.

The programme will build upon the unique characteristics of Enfield and the rich cultural diversity of the people that live there and support Enfield Council’s plans to encourage growth and sustainability.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community, Arts & Culture, Cllr Yasemin Brett, said: “Enfield is fiercely supportive of the arts and culture and positively celebrates the diversity of its community and the transformational effects wholeheartedly embracing new cultures can have on an area.

“Enfield is blessed with a vast array of theatre, music venues and cultural assets which are much loved and popular both within the borough and further afield and the borough itself is a vibrant melting pot of different cultures, races and religions which give the borough a vibrant, colourful and generous spirit of togetherness and community.

“I can’t think of a better example of how Enfield views the transformative power of Culture and the Arts than the exhibition Escape and Return by Patrick Samuel.”

The London Borough of Culture award is part of the mayor's plans to support the arts in London.

Two boroughs will be crowned winners in February, taking the title of London Borough of Culture for 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Enfield Council is working with UP Projects to help them shape and mould their bid and would like to encourage the whole community to back the bid.