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New fly-tipping campaign launches

Published on:

09 June 2016

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A new campaign to keep Enfield tidy and tackle fly-tipping in the borough has been launched by the Council.

A new campaign to keep Enfield tidy and tackle fly-tipping in the borough has been launched by the Council.

The year long "We’re watching You" initiative warns residents that Enfield Council knows where the borough's fly tipping hotspots are and is hot on the trail of those who dump rubbish. The Council is confident it will catch perpetrators and when it does, offenders will learn the hard way that the cost of a being caught fly-tipping is considerably more than the cost of properly managing their waste.

The campaign aims to discourage fly-tipping, educate residents about how to dispose of their waste legally, encourage people to report dumped rubbish so it can be cleared quickly, and will name and shame those who are prosecuted for fly-tipping, littering and similar offences.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: "It’s fairly simple, if you fly-tip, expect to be caught and expect to pay the penalty. Our residents are absolutely sick and tired of putting up with people who think it's OK to dump all manner of rubbish on our streets – it's not and it's time for those responsible to pay the consequences.

"We're investing considerable time and effort into identifying and catching the people who seem intent on undermining our beautiful borough. Quite simply, it's not OK to fly-tip or drop litter. No one wants to see rubbish on our streets, it makes the borough look messy, attracts vermin, encourages other forms of anti-social behaviour and discourages visitors and investment – all the things we want to avoid.

"There are plenty of legal ways of disposing of waste and this campaign aims to encourage people to dispose of it in the correct, lawful way. It's either that, or face a hefty fine."

Enfield Council spends £4.5 million a year keeping the borough clean. Research done by the Council suggests that a lot of the dumped waste on our highways is domestic and bulky waste from households. The maximum penalty for fly-tipping is a £50,000 fine or up to five years in prison, although councils also have the power to issue £200 fixed penalty notices to fly-tippers.

You can find information on legally disposing of rubbish and recycling and how to report fly-tipping and other issues on this website.