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Enfield Schools say, “No” to bullying

Published on:

17 November 2017

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An Enfield School has adopted cutting-edge technology in a bid to educate its pupils on how best to deal with bullying.

• Schools across Enfield run a range of activities to educate children during Anti-Bullying Week.
• Enfield schools have robust plans in place to nip bullying in the bud.
• Broomfield School has used virtual reality to recreate and learn the best way of dealing with bullying.
An Enfield School has adopted cutting-edge technology in a bid to educate its pupils on how best to deal with bullying.
Broomfield School in Wilmer Way, Enfield has very little bullying and this is because of the way it educates and supports its pupils. Broomfield School ran a set of workshops for Year 7 pupils during Anti-Bullying Week (November 13 – 17) to support the work the School does throughout the year to prevent bullying.
One of the sessions involved virtual reality which gave pupils the chance to witness a bullying situation in virtual reality and then talk (virtually) to the  bullies and victims about why they behaved as they did, how they felt and what could be done to stop the bullying.
Other sessions at the school were run by Year 10 and 11 Peer Mentors who work to prevent bullying throughout the year by providing a point of contact for children who are vulnerable and by liaising regularly with teachers.
The Peer Mentors are also available at lunchtimes so pupils who feel vulnerable can go and speak to them.
The Peer Mentors were established four years ago and are focusing on four key areas  this year: racial bullying, cyberbullying, how to prevent bullying behaviour and forming positive relationships.
Broomfield School Head Teacher, Peter Travis, said, “We take bullying very seriously at Broomfield School and work very hard prevent it in the first place and to stop it immediately, should it occur.
“We believe in encouraging the whole school community to help prevent and tackle bullying and our pupils are incredibly keen to play a key role in ensuring that all of the young people at this school are treated with respect, kindness and consideration, regardless of their background, culture, gender, race or sexual orientation.”
Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Children’s Services and Protection, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, said: “We do not tolerate bullying in our schools and all of Enfield’s schools work really hard to deal quickly and effectively with bullying but also work tirelessly to create conditions where learning and mutual respect between pupils and staff exists.
“This work is reflected in the fact that Ofsted have rated 93 per cent of the schools in Enfield as good or outstanding – a statistic we are incredibly proud of. The work being done by Broomfield School is a superb example of how children and adults can work together to create creative and effective solutions to bullying, promote tolerance and encourage the creation of a strong communities.”