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Get on your bike with £10 from Enfield Council

Published on:

07 June 2016

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This week is National Bike Week, and to celebrate why not join Cllr Anderson and get on your bike?

This week is National Bike Week, and to celebrate why not join Cllr Anderson and get on your bike?

Are you thinking about taking up cycling, but are reluctant to lay out for an expensive bike and equipment straight off? Then Enfield Council's Cycle Loan Scheme is just for you!

For a tenner you can borrow a quality bike for one month. That's right, just £10 for a month and there are various different models to choose from, such as commuter and leisure bikes or folding and electric models.

Included with your bike is a lock, helmet, high visibility vest and, if required, a child seat. After the month you can either return the bike, or purchase it at reduced cost. So either way, you just can't lose.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said "The £10 cycle loan scheme is extremely popular and you can see why.

"We know that many people would like to give cycling a go, but just don't know where to start. They are equally concerned about the cost of bikes and the associated equipment. This scheme gives you access to a quality bike, equipment and guidance, which is everything you need to start cycling, and all this for just a tenner.

"As part of the scheme we provide free cycle lessons, enabling participants to learn road safety and gain other important cycling tips from an expert. Indeed, we offer free cycle training for everyone aged 10 years and over - not just for those who borrow a bike. So why not sign up today?"

Local resident Priscilla Ospina said "I went to a shop to buy a bike, but it was a horrible experience, it was so bad I decided to just leave it. The staff there did not help me to find what I needed. Then I found out about the £10 cycle loan scheme.

"We couldn't believe how quick and easy it was, we were picking up our bikes a couple of days later. "I thought it was great idea for people who don't know much about cycling, the people at the cycle scheme helped me with all the things I really needed and they provide training too. The scheme helps people who can't afford to buy a bike straight away, and those people who want to see if riding a bike works out for them."

The £10 Cycle Loan initiative is part of the wider Cycle Enfield scheme, which will see £42m of external investment come into the borough. It will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform our high streets and town centres, promote more active forms of travel, and create safe and secure cycle lanes, thereby facilitating a better Enfield for our residents, businesses and for those visiting.

Enfield Council has made a short film to show you more about the Cycle Enfield £10 Cycle Loan Scheme. Just go online, watch the film and then complete the application form and one of our friendly cycling champions will contact you to let you know when you can pick up your bike. You can also find out about free cycle training at Cycle Enfield.