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Grow like a pro on an Enfield allotment

Published on:

09 March 2017

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Green-fingered residents with a passion for growing their own fruit and veg have a wonderful opportunity to lease an allotment plot from Enfield Council.

  • Around 200 vacant allotment plots available across 30 sites
  • Small plots can be rented for around £3 per month as a starting point
  • Gardening promotes healthy eating, physical activity and is sociable

Green-fingered residents with a passion for growing their own fruit and veg have a wonderful opportunity to lease an allotment plot from Enfield Council.
With around 200 vacant allotment plots based over 30 sites in Enfield, residents can grow their own food while getting some fresh air and exercise and can also meet like-minded gardeners in a sociable environment.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: "This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to grow their own food and a fantastic use of land.

The environmental benefits to our community are clear - growing your own food is the best way to ensure a constant supply of fresh, natural produce.

As well as being an environmentally friendly use of land it's pocket friendly too as it's cheap and accessible to people from all walks of life. In addition, using gardening to improve our residents' health is a wonderful way to enhance wellbeing."

Enfield, which is famed as a green borough despite its proximity to central London, has almost 2,000 plots already let out to residents.

While most areas with allotments are already keenly cultivated with long waiting lists for vacancies, there are other areas that have availability right now. These areas include Elliot's Field, Sunny Road and Enfield Playing Fields.

To find a vacant allotment near you in Enfield, take a look at Enfield Council's allotment pages.
A small plot could be yours to rent from as little as £3 per month. In addition, a discount can be arranged in some areas for plots that are overgrown. Other discounts are available for those on low incomes, the unemployed, those over the age of 63, disabled people and those residents who are studying.
Mr. Glen Hosford, winner of the Enfield in Bloom 2016, 2015 and 2014 gold medal for the best innovative growing space (allotments) has a plot at the site off Carterhatch Lane/Ladysmith Road.

He took on the allotment in 1992 and started planting in 1993 with potatoes and was amazed at the size of his crop and the taste. Since then, he has expanded his repertoire to include radishes, runner beans, courgettes, pak choi, leeks and many other fruits and vegetables.
Mr. Hosford said: "I grow far more than I can eat and give the rest away. People are always amazed how much nicer everything tastes when you grow it yourself."

Mr. Hosford is keen to encourage other residents in Enfield to look into allotments, even those who have no experience in gardening or harvesting. He added: “There is plenty of advice out there, lots of books and information online...Keep it simple and if something doesn’t work, try something else.”
So grab a shovel and a trowel and get growing on a plot in Enfield.