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Halloween and Bonfire Night safety

Published on:

20 October 2016

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Residents are being warned to take sensible precautions in the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night to make sure they have fun and stay safe.

Residents are being warned to take sensible precautions in the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night to make sure they have fun and stay safe.

Enfield Council, the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade will be working together to tackle deliberate fire setting and nuisance behaviour and make sure that people stay safe during the run up to both events.

Enfield Council's policing teams will be working later than usual around the school break up times for half term and school assemblies have been discussing issues around eggs, flour and trick or treating. To back this up shopkeepers will also be urged not to sell eggs or flour to children during Halloween.

There will also be additional police officers on duty, including cadets, to create a visible deterrent throughout the season.

Trading Standards Officers will be visiting retailers who sell fireworks reminding them the items can only be sold to over 18s, and warning them they face prosecution if they fail to heed the warnings. Selling fireworks to children can result in a fine of up to £5,000. There will also be test purchasing during half term week for knives.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga, said: "We aren't killjoys and we don't want to ruin anyone's fun but we know that while many people enjoy taking part in the festivities surrounding Halloween and Bonfire Night, there will also be members of the public who would prefer not to be disturbed.

"Our job is to make sure everyone remains safe and we're encouraging residents to be as considerate as they can to each other when enjoying these festivities.

"We will also be working with retailers who sell fireworks to make sure they are well aware of their responsibilities and warn them we will be prosecuting them if they are stupid and irresponsible enough to sell fireworks to children."

Supt Carl Robinson from Enfield police said: "Across Enfield hundreds of people will be celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night over the coming weeks.

"While many enjoy the festivities and stay safe, the celebrations can lead to some anti-social behaviour from a minority of people. We want everyone taking part in the celebrations to enjoy themselves, but to do safely and responsibly - for themselves and for others."

Bonfire safety

If you must light a bonfire, in connection with a fireworks display, then:

  • site well away from houses, garages, sheds, fences, overhead cables, trees and shrubs and always away from fireworks
  • before lighting the fire check that no pets or children are hiding inside it
  • never use flammable liquids - paraffin or petrol - to light the fire
  • don't burn foam-filled furniture, aerosols, and tins of paint or bottles
  • keep everyone away from the fire - especially children, who must be supervised all the time
  • for an emergency keep buckets of water, the garden hose, or a fire extinguisher ready
  • pour water on the embers before leaving

Firework safety for adults:

  • the safest way to enjoy fireworks is by going to a professional organised display
  • only buy fireworks marked BS 7114
  • don';t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks
  • keep fireworks in a closed box and follow the instructions on each one
  • light at arm's length, using a taper
  • never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them
  • always supervise children around fireworks
  • light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves
  • keep pets indoors

Firework safety for under 18s:

  • you must be 18 years old before you can buy a firework
  • you must be 18 years old to have a firework in the street
  • wear gloves if you are holding a sparkler
  • never give sparklers to children under 5 years old
  • stand well back
  • never go near a firework that has been lit, even if it hasn't gone off, it could still explode
  • only adults should touch fireworks, it's best to go to an organised display

Halloween advice:

  • adults should always accompany children when trick or treating. Young people should never go trick or treating alone
  • do not knock on the doors of strangers - only go to people you know
  • never go into a stranger's house
  • always keep to well-lit areas. Wear bright clothing and always carry a torch. Remember road safety
  • unless pre-arranged, do not visit elderly members of the community. Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people.
  • keep your tricks within the law - anything that results in damage is an offence and will be dealt with as such