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Residents warned about dodgy roofing contractors

Published on:

08 February 2017

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Residents are being urged to be vigilant after a spate of incidents where homeowners have been conned by cold calling roofers.

•        Residents in N14 & N21 warned to be vigilant for rooftop conmen
•        Home owners losing thousands of pounds to cowboy builders
•        Enfield Council warns residents to say no to cold calling roofers
Residents are being urged to be vigilant after a spate of incidents where homeowners have been conned by cold calling roofers.

Enfield Council is investigating a string of complaints from residents in Bush Hill Park, Winchmore Hill and Southgate who have been approached by roofers and told their property needs unneccessary work carried out. Some people had agreed to the work and, as a result, been conned out of thousands of pounds.

People are now being urged to contact the authorities if they have information about the traders responsible so they can be traced and prosecuted.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “We're urging people not to be fooled by this cruel scam.

"These charlatans start off by telling you that your roof needs relatively cheap and minor repairs, but then, as soon as you agree, they invent fictitious problems, and the bill escalates to thousands of pounds. We're very keen to catch these particular rogues so any residents with any information on who they are will be extremely valuable.

“Please do not be tempted to deal with trades people who appear on your doorstep and instead employ a reputable tradesperson via recommendation or through a trade association or such like."

Enfield Council advises residents to take the following precautions:

Although traders often insist on cash (and may even offer to take you to the bank!), they may ask for a bank transfer to appear more genuine. 

Rogue traders are unlikely to provide any paper work, no cancellation rights nor contact details other than a mobile number, or false details. The quality of work is often substandard. 

Some traders have 0208 and 0800 numbers also, please be aware they may have registered for this number using business service providers with untraceable mobile phones.

They also use false mailbox addresses without the authority of mailbox/business services companies.

If you are not sure do not open the door!

If you have dealt with any traders like this recently please keep any paper work that you may have been given.

If they are working at your property now, take the registration number of their vehicles and a description of all the people involved. Also photos of the people or vehicles involved, but please do not put yourself in danger.

More information and advice is available from Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040 506.
Reputable companies:
You can obtain a list of reputable companies from this page on our Building Confidence pages

If you are having work carried out by people that fit the above description now, contact the Police on 999 or CAB Consumer Advice on 03454 04 05 06, who will contact  Enfield Trading Standards.

Do not inform the trader of the council’s enquiries.