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Set the mayor free with a donation

Published on:

05 April 2016

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Enfield's Mayor Cllr Patricia Ekechi is locking herself in a garden as part of a fundraising event to raise £5,000 for dementia charities.

‘Abra Cadabra’ won’t set her free; nor will ‘Hocus Pocus’. Magic words and special potions are not needed but the generosity of local people, businesses and visitors can help to work the magic that will bring a new dementia garden to life at Chase Farm Hospital and set Enfield’s Mayor, Cllr Patricia Ekechi free.

On Friday 15 April, Cllr Patricia Ekechi, will be ‘locked in’ to one of the patient gardens in the Highlands Wing at Chase Farm Hospital from 9am – 4pm in an attempt to raise £5,000 towards the redevelopment of the space as a therapeutic, sensory garden for dementia patients.

To complete her mayoral year Cllr Ekechi, said: “I am determined to do all I can to raise a considerable sum. I will be wearing my official robes and plan to remain in the garden at a desk where I can make and receive calls from my mobile phone and iPad, send emails, and call supporters who are responding to my ‘Just Giving’ web account at www.justgiving.com/freeEnfieldsmayor

“The garden will provide a much needed outdoor space to help stimulate the patients and provide a safe, outdoor area. Dementia does not get enough recognition and I hope by taking part in this ‘lock in’ more people will take notice and give what they can.

“Dementia is a cruel condition which can afflict people of almost any age – although it is mostly associated with older people. Let’s try to create a garden that they can enjoy.”

Passers-by will be able to view the Mayor in the garden from a nearby window and cakes and refreshments will be on sale during the day to help her reach her goal.

Chase Farm’s Community Fundraiser, Savita Tailor, said: “We are delighted the Mayor has chosen to support the redevelopment of our dementia garden. The garden’s design will help patients’ memory recall and provide a stimulating environment for them and their families.”

To support the Mayor’s lock in, please sponsor her via www.justgiving.com/freeEnfieldsmayor and please come along on the day and support her!

If you would like to get involved through your own fundraising or by helping physically within the garden please email: Savita.tailor@nhs.net.

About the project

There are two gardens in the Highlands Wing at Chase Farm Hospital for patients and their families that need to be re-designed with the patients in mind. The Chase Farm Charity is working to transform them into specialist therapeutic gardens to aid patient recovery. They are expected to be ready by summer 2016.

One garden will support dementia patients and includes a street with shop fronts, street lamps and individual front gardens all designed to provoke memory recall and provide a stimulating environment.

The other is designed on a Japanese garden plan which provides peace and tranquillity for those recovering from stroke or brain injury. Therapy sessions can take place outdoors as well as horticultural therapy.

With local community generosity the charity has already raised just over £60,000, but is now looking to for a further £60,000 to complete the gardens.

For further information about the project and to see detailed images of the plans please visit  https://www.royalfreecharity.org/charities/chase-farm-garden-project