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Start your fitness journey today!

Published on:

15 February 2017

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What are you waiting for? Why not get fitter and more active with the help of Enfield Council and its leisure partner Fusion?

  • Enfield Council launches new drive for fitness
  • New activities now available for everyone
  • Moderate exercise, such as walking and cycling, being encouraged

What are you waiting for? Why not get fitter and more active with the help of Enfield Council and its leisure partner Fusion?

To help you on your way there are a huge number of classes, covering a variety of sports and activities, designed for every age and level of fitness, so why not check them out?

Some special new activities launched this year include ‘Active Mum’ classes for expectant and new mums, with unique activities which can be done with your new born, such as baby yoga. Or why not try our new ‘Women get Active’ programme which offers the opportunity to take part in a range of fitness classes including zumba, Latin fusion, bokwa and pilates.

If you have a long term health condition, but want to improve your fitness, then how about enrolling on the ‘Active Enfield with Ease’ courses? They are particularly suited for people with health issues which could include diabetes, heart conditions, joint pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory conditions, depression or stress/anxiety or weight issues.

If you love swimming then why not try out our range of new swimming classes for adults which cater for a wide range of abilities.

But you do not have to join a class to get fit. Enfield is a beautiful borough with many avenues, green spaces and waterways just waiting to be explored by foot or bicycle. 

Enfield Council is currently implementing ‘Cycle Enfield’ a £42m project which aims to transform the borough's high streets and town centres, promote more active forms of travel and create safe and secure cycle lanes. This once in a lifetime opportunity will improve the look and feel of our environment creating better streets for Enfield and more desirable destinations for shoppers and visitors. Everyone, young and old alike, will benefit.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Public Health, Cllr Krystle Fonyonga, said “Why not find out more about the fantastic and fun activities that Enfield has to offer you? “There are so many wonderful initiatives taking place in the borough to encourage residents to be fit and healthy which run alongside our Move More campaign. Making small changes, such as walking and cycling instead of driving where possible, and using the stairs instead of a lift can dramatically improve your health and significantly reduce your chances of developing serious health complications in the future.

“As well as encouraging healthy lifestyle changes, we are working with our leisure partners to make sure that there are a wide range of sports and recreational activities that suit every level of fitness, it really has never been easier to bring physical activity into your life, whatever your age.”

To find out more go to Active Enfield or email Fusion or call 07747 614855.