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Tasty treats launch Enfield’s Healthier Catering Commitment

Published on:

18 September 2017

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Fun and celebration was definitely on the menu this week when Enfield Council launched its Healthier Catering Commitment.

  • Healthier Catering Commitment launches in Enfield
  • Public recognition for caterers who provide healthier choices
  • Reflecting increasing public demands for foods lower in salt, fat and sugar

Fun and celebration were on the menu when local café Malone’s café, in Burleigh Way, Enfield Town, threw open its doors for a special event to celebrate Enfield Council’s Healthier Catering Commitment.

 Restaurants, takeaways, sandwich bars and other caterers in Enfield are being encouraged to sign up to the Healthier Catering Commitment, a voluntary scheme which allows food businesses to apply for an award if they can demonstrate a commitment to offering healthier options.

 The scheme is run by Enfield Council and is backed by both the Mayor of London and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). In Enfield 32 businesses have already signed up.

 It is designed to support food businesses, to help them make simple and affordable changes to their food offer to meet customers’ demands for healthier foods.

 It supports Enfield Council’s Healthy Enfield Campaign which encourages people to adopt a healthier diet in order to tackle obesity and reduce the chances of contracting a number of life limiting and threatening health conditions.
 Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said “The Healthier Catering Commitment Scheme publicly recognises caterers who are committed to promoting good health by providing a range of foods that meet customer demands for healthier choices.
“Helping to build strong communities it also highlights those dedicated to providing a high standard of hygiene and food safety by achieving a rating of three or above in the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
“Eating well is an important factor in helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle related health problems. Nearly half of all adults eat at restaurants or takeaways at least once a week, so food outlets are ideally placed to support people to make healthier choices and eat well.
“This voluntary scheme is aimed at encouraging food outlets to reduce the saturated fat, salt and sugar in their food and drinks, make smaller portions available and promote healthier alternatives.
“The key message behind the Healthier Catering Commitment is that small changes can make a big difference, and we want to make a big difference to the food on offer to our residents across the borough."

 All types of catering establishments are eligible to apply for the award under the scheme, including restaurants, canteens, cafes, takeaways, bars, pubs, sandwich bars, and leisure centres.
 Look out for the 'Healthy Catering Commitment' logo in your local restaurant, takeaway or café, and if you don’t see the logo then ask them why!
 If you are a local food business and would like to join the scheme, please call 0208 379 1460 or go online Healthy Enfield under the healthy business section.